Saturday, 15 August 2015

Copy This Idea (Book Review) - A Proven Money Making System That Will Change Your Life

In the book “Copy This Idea” by Andrew Reynolds, you are being introduced to a business model that turned his life around and banked him GBP50 Million.

The book is a quick and easy read organised into chapters broken down into the strategies used by Andrew to earn all his money.

It is about an ordinary down-to-earth guy, who stumbled upon an idea about business, started with no product, no customers and literally no idea about how to run a business like this. And from a spare room of his house, he was able to bank over £50million.

Book author Andrew tells us how he was able to meet up with a gentleman from USA who showed him this way to make money and he was able to operate it from his home. He was not a good student at school and didn’t have a chance to get a business education but was still able to make a huge amount of money doing this business. He gives full credit to the guy he met in the US and says that he probably would never have been able to change his financial life if he had never met him and been mentored by him.

In this book, he shows you how you can copy his proven money-making methods and change your financial living forever. He also talks about his funnel formula, a marketing tactic that he uses to make from £98,000 to £297,190 from a single product.

New entrepreneurs who have just started their entrepreneurial journey will like the way “Copy This Idea” is written as it is easy to follow and has great inspiration to motivate them.

For more tech savvy and resourceful people, most of the tactics mentioned in the book are available on the internet in some form, but having the book will just pull it all together and make it easier for them to work and be more focused.

The internet is a huge place and a lot of information is available online, what this book does is, it introduces you to a business model that Andrew uses to great effect, giving you a wake-up call. The writer needs you to take real action.
In short, “Copy This Idea”, is all about Andrew Reynolds’ business model, he shows you exactly how his business works and how you can copy his ideas to achieve the same level of financial success.

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